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machinesAll of our products are MADE IN THE USA & 
Our Hot & Cold Roll Laminators are the highest American made quality and offer the best finishing solutions in the industry. Repro Technology`s Star Series Large Format Hot Laminators and Cold Pressure Roller Laminators offer the ultimate professional finishing solution with versatile features for professionals and novices alike!
Repro Technology`s Roll Laminators are offered in both 44" Wide Format Laminators and 62" Large Format Laminators. Each comes in 3 versions, Double Heated Rollers, Single Heated Rollers and Cold Laminators.
Star wide-format laminators, roll laminators and large format laminators are used for digital imaging applications and combine heated roller technology and innovative design to make finishing stations that are productive and easy to use. With a mechanical roll gapping and pressure system the Star cold laminator is significantly more reliable and user-friendly than the competition. That is one of the reasons we are able to offer a 2 year warranty on our laminators.
Star large format laminators, wide format laminators and roll laminators will laminate and mount hot or cold, and are available in cold only versions for shops that use pressure sensitive materials or vinyl exclusively. Star laminators will also perform multiple process operations such as mounting and laminating in a single pass. 
The Star Series roll laminators are a free standing large format, wide format finishing station capable of producing wide format and large format graphics of all kinds. The Star roll laminator is a stand alone finishing station that is easy to use without compromising any of the functions needed in large format imaging shops. The Star laminators will laminate, apply mounting adhesives, mount, or mount and laminate in a single pass, using hot or cold films and adhesives. 


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